Superior Analytics and Customer Experience Metrics: Download the Datasheet

Identify the Key Drivers of Loyalty and Dissatisfaction

Extracting Actionable Insights at Scale with Superior VOC Analytics

A Customer Experience (CX) program can only provide so much value without strong analytics and metrics to support it. NICE Satmetrix CX software comes standard with a superior customer experience analytics package that delivers everything you need, and expands to add more if you want it. Its powerful and accurate algorithms, collaborative reporting, and big-picture visualizations help to push your program to new heights and give you more and innovative ways to provide customers with the best experience possible.

Download our datasheet to learn:

  • The types of purpose-built analytics ready to fuel your VOC insights
  • How automated and ad hoc reporting distributes when and where they are needed
  • What our advanced reporting frameworks can do to advance your program and drive engagement