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How Kronos Drives CX Success

Pushing Boundaries and Expanding Insights to Drive CX Engagement

If you want to get your organization hooked on CX insights, pile on the data and don’t stop there. That’s the approach in play at Kronos, which has won an award for customer satisfaction excellence every year for nearly two decades. The international workforce management company has launched an experimental, adaptive program to drive engagement with CX throughout the organization – it’s yielding insights and lessons you won’t want to miss.

In our webinar, you’ll hear from Customer Experience Senior Manager Tim Ozirsky. He’ll discuss how Kronos has evolved its customer success program over the years, expanding insights and challenging the organization to become more engaged with CX improvement.

Replay our webinar to learn:

  • How Kronos structures its data and surveys for reliable CX insights
  • How Kronos has evolved its CX program over the years
  • Tips for engaging your organization with CX insights in a meaningful way