Customer Success Story

Elion Customer Success Story

Embracing a Customer-Centric Culture Whilst Capturing Market Share and Improving Business Performance

Elion is the largest telecommunications and IT services provider in Estonia. In 2006, when the company decided to break into the lucrative cable TV market, it had two options: become a low-value broadband “pipe” provider and compete on price and performance, or enter the highly competitive and technically demanding IPTV market and compete on content and customer experience. Having followed the latter path, Elion knew that it had to monitor and measure the quality of the customer experience across the business and it chose Net Promoter® as its key metric. Read their customer story to learn how Satmetrix helped Elion increase their NPS and outperform the market.

Industry Leading NPS

In the B2C market Elion has the best benchmark scores in the industry, with a clear 14-point lead on second place.

Cut Dissatisfaction in Half

Elion cut the percentage of customers who were not satisfied with overall service in half within the first three years of their CEM program.

Outperform the Market

Elion’s customer-focused approach helped them outperform the market by 30% between 2008-2010.