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A Handy Checklist for Choosing
the Right CEM Software

If it doesn’t scale to meet your long-term business needs it’s just not worth it. Using our checklist, evaluate to ensure your CEM software includes 8 essential elements.

Reduce Churn to 1% Like Masergy Did

Easily Connect Data Points That Drive Action

You wouldn’t track your company finances on a spreadsheet, so why would you try to manage the process of delighting your customers with a simple survey tool? The ideal CEM software helps gather feedback, acts as a hub for data related to customer experience, transforms data into insight through analysis, and drive action companywide. Great CEM software simplifies the whole process so you can focus on what really matters: making change.

Go Beyond the Survey to the Full Customer Journey

Linking customer feedback to business results is the cornerstone of effective CEM software. Going beyond simple surveys, truly effective CEM software starts by integrating every customer source – be it surveys, industry benchmarks, operational data, and social media feedback – to power a clear, complete view of the customer journey.

Ideal CEM software sets you up for success by providing easy guidance for data collection strategies. Great CEM software also integrates with your CRM tool, streamlining how customer data is collected and analyzed. Alerts and notifications triggered by your CEM software keep employees in the know about customer feedback, and push them to act promptly and effectively. Lastly, an all-inclusive CEM tool helps delighted customers advocate for your brand.

Dream Big About What’s Possible

Challenge yourself to dream big about what’s possible with your CEM software. Comprehensive CEM software can be more affordable than you think, especially when you factor in the long-term ROI impact CEM has on retaining your customers and fostering loyalty. In a competitive marketplace, a great CEM system enables your business to focus on big picture opportunities. Be smart – get the right tool for the job of setting your business apart by delighting your customers while increasing brand loyalty, boosting revenues, and reducing customer churn.