Customer Success Story

A1 Telekom Austria Group Customer Success Story

Actionable Insights from an Omnichannel and Multinational Voice of the Customer

A1 Group recognized the value of the voice of the customer (VoC) in shaping customer experience (CX), one of the most important service differentiators. Yet, the company did not have the tools or structure to leverage it consistently across the organization.

The A1 Group chose the NICE VoC solution’s robust capabilities and global language features to craft a VoC program across its multinational market. At its heart is NICE Satmetrix, which delivers comprehensive, cost-effective customer experience management in a scalable SaaS solution. It gathers structured and unstructured real-time omnichannel feedback from across the enterprise for adaptive analysis, reporting and automated alerts and workflows.

Increased Transactional NPS (TNPS)

Overall Transactional NPS® (TNPS) went from 42.1 to 52.8, with some markets seeing overall TNPS improve up to 19 points and online TNPS by up to 21 points.

Converting detractors to promoters

5% to 10% of detractors with 0-3 TNPS are converted into promoters, with some markets seeing conversions increase 162% thanks to targeted recovery team action.

Improved survey response rates

Survey response rates increased up to 24.6% for customer service, 22.2% for stores, and 37.7% online.